Hey … yeah. OK.

If you’re look for intellectually stimulating, creative material that will broaden your perspectives in life, wow, are you in the wrong place! There will be none of that here.

Every once in a while, as I run my little cluster of sites, I’ll have to make an administrative decision. Choose this host, reject that one, that kind of thing and some people will want to know why. Most people won’t – I’d call those the normal people, but I’m here writing this pablum, am I not? So who am I to talk about normality?

So, here I am, taking transparency to the point of turning it into a vice. These posts will be tweeted with a warning tag for the sake of those with lives who aren’t interested. I guess this isn’t completely useless. You’ll get to watch me stumbling through my choices and learning from my many, many mistakes so you won’t repeat them.

What this will not include will be talk about the administration of my groups. That happens somewhere else. This will be purely about the experience of running my sites as an individual user, though I might not be above slipping in a little extraneous material to keep this side journal from being as dull as it could become, if I exercised no caution. I’ll be doing my best, as always, but in this case, I think that the url is honestly chosen. Don’t get your hopes up, too much. The better content will be in the journals you see off in the margin.